Pi Day 3.14.14

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Helloooooo!  Friday is a most wondrous day for geeks and pi(e) lovers alike!  To celebrate the day being not only pi (3.14) day but also Miranda’s Born Day, we decided to have a PIE day!  So all day Friday (tomorrow) we will be selling pie for the predictable price of, wait for it, wait for it…$3.14 a slice!  We’re just cool like that (actually, thanks Monica Orban of Nisse House of Art in Westby, WI) and since Miranda is the daughter of mathematicians it is also very fitting.

Come join us tomorrow from 10 AM to 4 PM for slices of heaven…I mean pie.  Seriously, the crust alone is to die for.  Take it from Farmer Chris :)

Also look for our finally happening, we really mean it, official GRAND OPENING on Saturday March 29, 10 AM to 4 PM.  Specials, Sales, Samples and more all day long!  Come celebrate local business and our local artists, farmers and vendors here at the shop!



Farmer Chris & Emme

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