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Good morning Driftless and Friends!

This morning we discovered a package that arrived from dear friends, and in it was not only the most awesome bacon calendar in the history of bacon calendars, but this little gem:


With glee we immediately began A) cooking bacon for breakfast and B) searching for a spare bar of bacon soap to experiment on.  Because seriously, how awesome is that!?

Original bacon soap looks like this (

Bacon Soap


But now, thanks to the awesomeness of friends Jennifer and Doug Downing, it looks like this!



Now that is bacon soap!  When I’m done writing this morning, I’m immediately making several more of these and putting them on the shelves.  Want some?  Send us a message or give us a call, we’ll hook you up!

Have a great day and don’t forget about our GRAND OPENING March 29th!


Farm On!

Farmer Chris & Emme


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